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Why Use DecoNetwork’s Software?

If you are serious about creating growing a decoration business, then DecoNetwork’s software might be just what you are looking for.  DecoNetwork was specifically created to make running a decoration business more efficient and allow for more revenue opportunities. DecoNetwork’s software includes four primary functions: point of sale (POS), customer relationship management (CRM), content management system (CMS), and an affiliate network.

Each of these functions have value on their own, but when combined with one another they help make DecoNetwork’s software one of the most complete and effective offerings on the market.  

DecoNetwork allows their clients to make sales through either an affiliate website or in person.  For in-person sales, all a business must do is record entire transaction in DecoNetwork’s “Business Hub,” which acts as their POS system.  Business Hub makes it easy to both create a custom order and to manage orders placed by customers through your website. Business Hub also acts as a customer relationship management system.  Business Hub stores important customer information including past orders, quotes, artwork layouts, account terms, statements, and more. You can communicate an order’s status throughout the process, including any changes that need to be made to an order.  

DecoNetwork is also a powerful content management system with the ability for a decoration business to act as a fulfillment center to an affiliate network.  A content management system (CMS) is a software system that makes creating and managing a website easier, especially when compared to custom coding. DecoNetwork has designed an easy-to-use CMS that allows a decoration business owner with no website design experience the ability to not only create a great looking website.   That website is not only good-looking, however, as it features a powerful online design tool, and is 100% responsive on any device. DecoNetwork’s software puts a decoration business in a position to create an affiliate network of websites that can funnel sales into its Business Hub. DecoNetwork’s affiliate network capabilities and fulfillment center can set product, decoration, pricing, and many other parameters for an affiliate to work from.  The parameters allow the fulfillment center to set boundaries on what affiliates can and cannot sell through their affiliate site, ensuring nothing is ordered that cannot be fulfilled. Potential affiliates could be anything from small businesses like local restaurants, to clubs, teams, entrepreneurs, artists, or anyone who has a market to sell their products to. 

What Type of Decoration Businesses Should Use the Software? 

DecoNetwork was specifically created to cater to the wants and needs of embroidery, screen printing, sublimation printing, and direct-to-garment printing businesses. DecoNetwork has one of the best online design tools available, making creating a custom-decorated product a breeze.  The online designer allows a customer to not only design a custom product, but all the decoration variables including artwork, size, and quantity are all calculated in real time. This will help determine the type of decoration process that must be used and the unit price per product.  Each decoration process’s pricing is affected by different factors. For example, screen printing prices are determined by the number of prints being ordered and the amount of colors in the artwork. So, when a customer is creating a design on your site, the price changes based on the total quantity of products being ordered and how many colors are in the artwork. 

Digital printing methods like direct-to-garment, sublimation, and wide format printing all require no minimum orders.  As such, prices are often dictated by the size of the print. DecoNetwork’s software has the ability to change the price of a custom order based on the size of the artwork, which is ideal for digital printing processes that often have higher ink costs.  Direct-to-garment printers even have the ability to charge different prices for printing onto white, light, or dark-colored garments. This is quite important, as the color of the garment determines how much of a white underbase must be laid and thus effects the overall print price. 

Embroidery is a much different decoration process than screen or digital printing.  DecoNetwork is a subsidiary company of Wilcom Inc., who introduced one of the first computer graphics embroidery design systems in 1980.  Wilcom launched DecoNetwork around 2008 with the idea that the company could become a one-stop software solution for embroidery and printing companies.  Since Wilcom is one of the leaders when it comes to embroidery software, DecoNetwork has always had advanced embroidery tools for designing custom products.  An embroidery company can set their prices based on the stitch count, quantity of pieces being ordered, and apply a digitizing fee if necessary.  

What Makes DecoNetwork’s Software Different?

DecoNetwork is always evolving and improving, as all successful companies do.  What really makes DecoNetwork different is how much they listen to their clients’ wants and needs, and look to implement their ideas to make the software better.  DecoNetwork has a variety of support tools, including forums, support tickets, the Idea Center, blogs, and numerous help articles & videos. Since DecoNetwork’s software is so powerful it can be a little intimidating at first.  That is why they have taken the time to create a strong support network to help fulfillment centers reach their maximum potential. 

DecoNetwork has also made strong partnerships with several other companies within the decoration industry.  DecoNetwork’s software is connected to several blank product suppliers, like Sanmar and S&S, which provides fulfillment centers with detailed product information including colors, photos, descriptions, and size charts.  This information is extremely useful for determining product lines and building orders. With DecoNetwork, it is as simple as adding a product to your fulfillment center and then just configuring the variables, including the price and decoration processes that can be used on that product.  The ability to quickly add customizable products to a fulfillment center makes launching a high quality ecommerce website much easier and fun.  

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