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Global Designer Settings

The Global Designer Settings is where you can configure options for the design tool that is used on affiliate websites. The settings can be configured (allow stores to override default settings) so that affiliate websites have the ability to change the default settings. The settings are very straight forward, but it is important to remember that these are not the only settings that control the designer behavior.

Within “Decoration Processes” a process can have additional settings configured to help prevent the customer from requesting the impossible. Each decoration process has different designer settings that can be configured as each has different artwork requirements. A digital decoration process like DTG does not worry about a customer’s artwork as much as one color heat transfer vinyl, which has to be cut and wouldn’t want an option like “Allow Text Gradient” to be one. 

But DecoNetwork takes everything a step further within the general settings of a decoration process where you can set what design types are permitted (raster, vector) for stock designs and also what file types can be uploaded (PNG, EPS, PDF, etc.) at each level where the design tool is used: In Store Front Designer, In Business Hub Designer, & Creating a Decorated Product. 

So for a process we can determine if images can be uploaded and what can be done to them in the design tool, but as well what file format is permitted at each level of the design tool (sometimes more freedom when creating a pre-decorated product compared to the front-end design tool makes sense). 

Within the Global Font Management settings each decoration process can have its available fonts within the design tool configured. This not only includes the ability to turn off a font for a particular process, but also the ability to upload custom fonts as well. DecoNetwork has a large collection of both print and embroidery fonts so uploading is often not necessary, but turning off difficult to sew fonts for embroidery or impossible to cut fonts for heat transfer vinyl are very handy. 

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