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Store, Customer, & Checkout Options

The store options section takes just a few seconds to configure with the “New Store Signup” section being the primary setting to configure. The New Store Signup section is where you can make it possible for new affiliate websites to launch from a template you have created by clicking the “enable new store signup templates”.

Any affiliate website can be made into a template that can then be cloned when a new site is launched. Website templates allow for a site to be designed much faster as it is much more templated to the wants and needs of the affiliate. 

Also Within the Store Options section you can configure some of the general settings for what is and isn’t possible for your affiliate websites. The General Store Settings are very straightforward and rarely need to be changed. 

Customer Options:

The customer options rarely needs to be changed at the fulfillment center level. It is much more common to override the default settings within an affiliate website. The “Customers Must Be Logged in To View Website” option is the most common to be enabled, which allows the website to act more like an ordering portal. This option has two variations in which customers can simply register and then gain access, or you can require a specific password to be used as if the customer were gaining access to a secret club. 

Checkout Options:

The Checkout Options typically do not need to be changed at the fulfillment center level and instead done at the affiliate website level. It is also important to remember that DecoNetwork gives affiliate websites the ability to edit each page of the checkout process if wanted / necessary.

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