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Affiliate Website Tips & Tricks: Work Smart, Use Screen Print Heat Transfers

In order to run a successful network of affiliate websites you must work smart then hard from a logistical perspective. The most important logistics for affiliate websites revolve around the decoration processes used to fulfill custom orders with. While digital printing processes like Direct-to-Garment (DTG) printing are very popular for printing orders on demand, screen print transfers offer the same print-on-demand capabilities, but typically for less money, less time, and better quality. 

Screen print transfers are a lot like direct screen printing in that each color in a design makes the price higher and the more prints that are ordered the lower the unit price becomes. What really separates direct screen printing and screen print transfers is that the latter can be heat pressed as needed. Direct screen printing is by far the most popular decoration process, but it is not ideal for printing on-demand by any means. Direct screen printing & transfers both primarily revolve around printing artwork with a few amount of colors. 

Affiliate website typically sell the same artwork designs, whether they are custom or a business’s logo and thus screen print transfers make a lot of sense. Remember that each decoration process is complementary to another as much as a substitute. You definitely wouldn’t want to screen print a 20 color design for just 2 shirts and that is why DTG printers were invented. However, the most successful affiliates sell the same designs and thus screen print transfers often make the most sense. So, if you want the quality and low unit print costs of screen printing, then use screen print transfers to fulfill affiliate website orders.

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