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Affiliate Website Tips & Tricks: Keep It Simple with Less Content / Pages

One of the keys to success with affiliate websites is to keep everything as simple as possible and sometimes that means a website with just one page. Consumers often want an online shopping experience with as few clicks as possible to find the product they are looking for. With DecoNetwork’s blank product, decorated product, and design listings widgets hundreds of products can be displayed on one page very cleanly. All three of these widgets feature a “display categories as tabs” capability. Once this feature is enacted you can choose which design, blank, or pre-decorated retail products you want to display. 

A one page site can be optimal for several different types of affiliate websites. Fundraising, ordering portals, and sales rep website app all work well when making the site revolve around just the home page displaying all of the content (products). After a product is chosen, the customer is taken to the product page to select the product variables like size and color and maybe given the option to customize the product (up to the site owner) using the design tool. A simple website is easier for customers to navigate, and is quick and easy to build. 

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