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Affiliate Website Tips & Tricks: Know The Primary Uses for Affiliate Websites

Affiliate websites can be used in many different ways. It is important to understand the different as well as most common ways to use a DecoNetwork affiliate website. 

Promote Custom Decoration Services 

A custom decoration business that offers custom printing and/or embroidery services typically use an affiliate website to display blank products, pricing, and an online design tool to allow a customer to place an order immediately or request a final proof before placing an official order. This is obviously the most common type of website for a fulfillment center that wants to promote their decoration services and sometimes also feature retail products. 

Sell Retail Niche Products

The second most common use of an affiliate website is for retail purposes, managed by the fulfillment center. A fulfillment center can diversify their business by creating niche retail websites that sell apparel and other pre-decorated products. The great thing about affiliate websites is that there are no extra costs for each website and products don’t have to be decorated until they are ordered, so there is very little risk (just time). 

Fundraising Opportunity for Clients

The third way to use an affiliate website is similar to selling niche retail products, but revolves around providing a site to a client for fundraising purposes. A fundraising website can be managed by the affiliate or fulfillment center but features unique artwork or typically brand logo on products. Fundraising affiliate websites can be given to businesses, schools, organizations, entrepreneurs, bands, artists, etc.The best clients who use an affiliate website for fundraising purposes typically follow three rules: 1. They have a market of customers who want their product, 2. The have great artwork / a brand that customers like, 3. They know how to market and drive traffic to their website.

Ordering Portal for Clients

Lastly, a common way to use an affiliate website is to make it easier for clients to place team or employee orders which can often be a hassle. An ordering portal acts more like a one page website that is very simple, uses “batch production”, and requires a login to access the website to prevent anyone from stumbling upon it. Realize that sometimes it makes sense to provide a client with both a fundraising and an ordering portal website so they can be making money and the process of ordering products for employees is easier.

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