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Introducing Zach Dewhurst & His Team of Deco Experts

Who Are / What is Deco Experts

Zach and his team of Deco Experts know the ins and outs of the most common custom decoration processes including: Embroidery, Screen, DTG, Sublimation, Wide Format, Heat Transfer, and Offset Printing. A good way to look at it is that Deco Experts’ team is extremely fluent in the decoration industry and DecoNetwork’s software which allows them to problem solve/develop solutions for nearly any curveball thrown their way. This allows Deco Experts to accomplish difficult tasks within DecoNetwork in a fraction of the time that it takes a new user of the software. Time is money, so why not drastically reduce the amount of time it takes to get the most out of DecoNetwork’s software? 

Deco Experts offers website design and decoration consulting services to custom printing and embroidery businesses. The company is made up of experienced team members who are passionate about the custom decoration industry and teaching businesses how to get the most out of utilizing DecoNetwork’s software. Deco Experts is owned and led by serial entrepreneur Zach Dewhurst. Zach has over 10 years of experience running a custom printing and embroidery shop and has used DecoNetwork’s software for over 9 years. 

Why Work With Deco Experts

The custom decoration industry is simply awesome because of the: low barriers of entry, the demand continues to grow every year, and the numerous business models that can be used to generate revenue. We know the custom printing and embroidery industry is primarily made up of mom and pop shops with a much smaller number of larger companies who have a lot more resources. Whether you are a one-man startup or a 30-year-old company with 20 employees there is never a bad time to receive input from an industry expert who can give you an outside opinion on how to grow your business. 

DecoNetwork is game-changing software that every custom printing and/or embroidery business should be using. However, the best and worst thing about the software is that it is extremely powerful, and like all technology has a learning curve. Deco Experts’ team has a unique set of skills that revolve around having a thorough understanding of running a custom decoration business, the industry as a whole, and how to get the most out of DecoNetwork’s software. Through consulting and website design services Deco Experts provides valuable advice through screen sharing coaching sessions, and drastically reduces DecoNetwork’s learning curve and increase the ROI form using the software. 

How Deco Experts Consulting Services are Priced

Deco Experts consulting services are broken into different packages that can be negotiated/customized to fit the wants and needs of the client. The consulting packages range between $1,500 and  $4,500 depending on how custom/how much help a client wants with their website and marketing services. Additionally, Deco Experts knows that most mom and pop shops can’t afford $1,500 worth of consulting. That is why we created our “Blast-Off Startup Package” which for just $500 gets you 3 hours of screen sharing consulting sessions with a Deco Expert, and access to all of’s education materials (over a $500 value itself). 

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